A mountain revisited

A sweeping panoramic view of Howe Sound and its islands from Saint Marks Summit, Cypress Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

Second time lucky

A sunny day made for a perfect hike to Elfin Lakes in Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

A hike of record-breaking proportions

An unbeatable view of shimmering Garibaldi Lake from Panorama Ridge, Garibaldi Provincial Park, BC, Canada
The entire expanse of Garibaldi Lake beneath my feet on Panorama Ridge, Helm Creek Trail, Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

When you don’t live where it is spoken

Photo credit: Liz Sanchez-Vegas on Unsplash

Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver

Point Atkinson lighthouse, West Vancouver

An ecological reserve built by Dutch émigrés

Picturesque Pitt Polder east of Vancouver

Social bonding while physically distancing

The sweeping view of the Sea to Sky Highway and Howe Sound from Tunnel Bluffs, British Columbia, Canada

The lessons I learnt from travelling alone.

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Paradoxical names in different languages and cultures

The “French” croissant is not so French after all. Photo credit Mia Cambriello from Unsplash

Prajwal Madhav

Traveller, travel planner, travel writer, French teacher, amateur photographer deeply interested in food, wine, culture, history and languages.

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